Warning Signs of a Broken or Leaking Water Line


Warning Signs of a Broken or Leaking Water Line

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Broken or Leaking Water Line

Your home's main water pipe serves as its primary water supply. The water main connects your home's water supply to the municipal water supply. Without a functioning main water line, there is no way to have a water supply in your home. Hence, whether developing or checking your property, you should contact the best plumbing contractor to replace water lines.

Water pipes that link your residence to the main supply may start to deteriorate and lose quality with time, leading to a damaged or broken water line. As a result, you might experience water line leaks on your property.

10% of homes, as per the EPA, lose over 90 gallons of water per day because of water line leaks or a broken water line. Think about 90 gallons of water quietly seeping through your house's walls and floors. Locating the main water line leaks could prove difficult if you don't know what to look for. But, to avoid severe water damage in your home, quickly identifying the cause of the main water line leaks is imperative.

Don't worry; we'll quickly ensure you know all the signs to watch out for and how to fix your broken water line quickly. West Coast Hydronics & Plumbing is an expert plumbing contractor, and our experts have curated this list of warning signs that indicate you need a water line repiping:

Signs You Should Replace Water Lines Due to Leaks

Without a plumbing contractor's assistance, you may identify certain signs of water line leaks on your own. But, because most main water lines are buried, you might need some technical know-how to recognize these indications for a broken water line.

While hiring a plumbing contractor to perform routine inspections on your house is usually a good idea, there are some signs for water line leaks you can look for on your own. These include:

Reduced Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure is one of the critical signs of a broken water line or water line leak. Alas, a significant leak is required for a shift in the water pressure to be apparent. Ensure the water pressure is continuously low across the entire house if you detect a significant change.

If the water pressure in the shower is only low, the shower head may simply be clogged with debris. But, if the pressure is noticeably decreased across the entire system, you might leak. If you have any suspicions, you must locate the leak in its specific location. Based on the situation, your plumbing contractor might suggest you replace water lines.

Frequently Clogged Drains

Water drains commonly clog now and then. Most of the time, it's a blatant sign that something is in the drain preventing water flow. On the other hand, there is a problem if a certain drain constantly clogs. More specifically, if the clogging spreads to your other gutters, there may be a leak in your home's main or broken water line. You must contact a plumbing contractor and get them to install new water lines right away.

Water Puddles

Water pools in your home usually indicate severe problems with your main water pipe. These puddles could have been caused by water line leaks in or around the sink. In this situation, it is wise to inspect your sink to determine if there is a problem.

On the other hand, the water puddles will probably be huge and spread to the sidewalks, your garage, or your lawn if the issue is a major water leak. Even while checking for water puddles that could seem apparent, locating them might be more challenging if there is a broken water line in your backyard and the only sign of water is a moist grass area.

In conclusion, odds are you have a much worse plumbing problem the moment you notice water pools outside your house without a cause. If so, it's advisable to consult a plumbing contractor immediately to identify and rectify the issue quickly. You might even have to replace water lines in your home!

Rising Water Bills

Every household spends, on average, a certain amount of water per month or year. You should try to go back if the sum suddenly rises sharply. Have you ever accidentally left the faucets running too long? Or has the population of your house grown? Try to keep an eye on the monthly bill for the following month if you can't locate the solutions to this query. It can indicate a broken water line or leaks if it is still on the high side.

Discolored Water

As we already discussed, your primary water connection directly links to the municipal water supply. One of the signs of water line leaks is unclean or tainted water. If you have a broken water line, water spills out into the sidewalks through the aperture. Likewise, dirt and other debris will end up in the water. The dirt will impact your faucet's supply of water quality. Hence, you might need to replace the water lines ASAP.

Wet Spots throughout the Home

You may suspect a leak if you find some oddly wet spots in your house. If you think there may be a leak in the main water line, this is one of the indications you can quickly identify. All you have to do is look around your house for any wet patches.

The leak is likely only tiny if it's coming from a location close to a water source, like a basin or bathroom. However, your main water line may leak if you discover any water stains or damp ceiling panels in the cellar without a nearby tap.

If you have noticed some or all of these symptoms in your home, it might be time to contact a plumbing contractor to replace water lines. At West Coast Hydronics & Plumbing, we provide expert plumbing services to the residents of Northern California. Contact us today for more information on leaks or broken water lines!