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Our team of highly-skilled plumbing, radiant heating, and water heating experts is here to meet the unique needs of your home improvement and commercial plumbing projects in Sacramento.

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Water Line Installation

We often take access to clean water on-demand for granted, but when your sink or tub starts spraying out dirty water or worse, no water at all, something could be very wrong with your water line.

Water lines connect your local city's water supply to your home through a series of long pipes that are underground and run from your house to the street. Water mains can be very short -- as little as 25 feet, or as long as 500 feet. Understanding the costs means taking a look at all of the parts involved in running a water line to your house.

For starters, installing a new water line depends on the distance to be covered, the cost of the piping and several other factors. Costs per foot can range from $50 to $150. You can't always control all of the factors that affect the cost of water line installation, but if your budget is tight, we can work with you to determine what could cause the cost of your water line installation to increase or decrease accordingly.

What's Included in the Water Line Installation Estimate

A lot of things go into making an estimate. For example, if the job is complex, using premium-grade materials (such as for commercial work), the costs are much higher. As a general rule, however, for homeowners needing basic work to have a water line installed in an adequate area by our professional team involves:

  • The cost of the material itself
  • The cost to have the equipment delivered and provide transportation to and from the site
  • The cost to prepare the worksite for the installation itself
  • The cost to protect existing structures from being damaged as a result of the water line installation

Every home and every installation is different, however, and it's important to know that we'll do our best to make our estimates as accurate as possible so that you won't be surprised by sudden charges and hidden fees.

How Do I Know if My Water Line is Broken or Needs Replacement?

A broken water line is considered a plumbing emergency, so we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you think that your water line is broken. Common signs of a broken water line include:

  • No water coming out or low water pressure
  • A whistling or clattering sound in the pipes
  • Water that pools in different areas

When you call, we'll come right to you and begin the diagnostic process to determine the issue and how to move forward. We often use specialized cameras to inspect your pipes and see what could be causing the broken or clogged water line. This process won't damage your home or property in any way and can be done within a single visit.

Could It Be a Leaky Water Line?

Leaks in your water lines are not something you'll want to ignore. Time and time again, small leaks in your water pipe have turned into major water disasters that cost thousands of dollars to homeowners who have to spend money on damage restoration as well as water line repair. In addition to repairing the leak itself, there's also the collateral damage that can be caused, like staining and warping walls or ceilings, and even creating an area that's conducive to the growth of harmful and toxic mold.

Before this happens, you'll want to call our professional team right away. We specialize in water line installation and repair as well as replacement in homes and commercial locations.

A Warning Sign for Possible New Water Line Installation

One tell-tale sign that often goes overlooked which could mean needing a new water line replacement or repair is the smell of a musty odor. Putting off water line repair over time can cause mildew to form. Even if you don't see it, if you can smell it, there may be a problem, which is why it's a good idea to call our professional team to come and investigate the issue right away.

How Accurate are Online Estimates for Water Line Installation?

Finally, you may have noticed in looking for water line installation, that there are several websites that offer to help you get a quote from various contractors, and give you a general idea of the costs of water line installation. Often these types of jobs will go out to the lowest bidder, and the pricing is hardly accurate, so save yourself time, money and hassle and simply contact us directly.

We have the experience and expertise to look into the problem and give you an accurate estimate that reflects the complete project, so that you can move forward with confidence and be one step closer to enjoying clean, refreshing water in your home.

Contact us today to learn more about our water line installation services!

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Roman Kovalchuk began his career in the plumbing industry in New Jersey, where he gained extensive experience in a variety of projects, including water heaters replacement, radiant heating, boiler replacements and hydronics. After honing his skills in the east coast, Roman decided to expand his business and make a move to California. His company West Coast Hydronics & Plumbing is known for providing top-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. With Roman's expertise and dedication, his business has become a reputable and trusted choice for plumbing and heating services in the area.

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