Common Plumbing Myths

Things to Consider before Calling Your Local 24/7 Plumber

We have dedicated this blog post to helping you recognize the most common plumbing myths.

Some homeowners believe it’s normal for their faucets to drip; most people are not even bothered by having a dripping faucet. However, ignoring the problem will not solve it, and a leak is way more serious than we think. If all pieces of your plumbing system are working correctly, the entire system should work smoothly. So when you see a leak, we recommend you call a residential plumbing contractor as soon as possible.

Running water down the sink doesn’t make your disposal flush more smoothly, on the contrary, many times you end up having to turn the disposal off to remove the bits by hand. Half filling the sink with water while running the disposal is a much better idea because it allows the water to flow down the drain easily. If you have a serious problem with your garbage disposal, you should always contact a professional residential plumbing contractor.

Usually, when you call a 24/7 plumber, this is due to a drain problem. However, if the drain works well, it still doesn’t mean that everything is working fine. When particles and food fall in the drain, it can get clogged. Despite this, the water can flow down the drain, leaving you to believe that all is well. Some food like rice or pasta have a tendency to bloat and increase in size when they absorb water. This can lead to a serious clogging problem, in this case, you should always contact a professional.

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